Systematically from the beginnning

  • Welcome at MOBIL SYSTEMS.

    Systempartner for refuse collecting vehicles (RCV)

    Since many years systems of MOBIL SYSTEMS are used for controlling of all functions most of them are safety critical.

    With the systemcomponents and softwaresolutions we are merked leader in europe. The systems are developed in close cooperation with the producer of the machine and realsied according to valid norms.

    Our portfolio includes completesystems for:

    • Lifter-Controls
    • Rearloader
    • Frontloader
    • Sideloader
    • Gateway to chassis, weighing- and identificationsystems
  • Multiaxle EHLA steeringsystems for mobilcranes

    In mobilcranes some of single standard EHLA® steeringsystems come into effect, based on the complete vehicle systems. Our experience is to have the knowledge to estimate the behavior of the vehicle in case of a failure, so that a failure strategy could be proposed.

    The possible standard systems are described on the site of our sister company MOBIL ELEKTRONIK GMBH