PC service software / offboard diagnostics

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK supplies a Windows® based diagnostics software tool suitable for all our systems, containing:

  • display and setting of vehicle-specific parameters in plain language
  • alarm memory with location and kind of error in plain language
  • data logger for test drives
  • menue-operated axle alignment
  • single function test and monitoring of all in- and outputs
  • remote diagnostics via GSM

For OEM applications an off-board diagnostics can be implemented according the standards of the vehicle manufacturer (KWP2000, Star etc.)

Diagnostics Terminal

For fleets or EOL commissioning we offer a CAN diagnostics terminal providing all key functions of the PC service software tool.

Integrated display and operating devices

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK is the only company supplying all control electronics with integrated display and operating devices. Your advantage: diagnostics, trouble-shooting or commissioning can be carried out without any external tools such as PC or test equipment. So the special vehicles may be supported even in most outlying places in the world.

Onboard Diagnostics

MOBIL ELEKTRONIK safety steering computers support onboard diagnostics according SAE J 1939. DM1 und DM4 are available to make active as well as passive alarms accessible.

Data Logger

For vehicle trial, field test or detailled analysis our data logger offers powerful data recording features.