System Engineering in Mobile Application

In 1996 Mobil Systems GmbH has been founded as a partner company MOBIL ELEKTRONIK GMBH. The former target to expand the existing competence in system technology has been exceeded long ago, introducing countless new innovations and entire system solutions. Today, Mobil Systems is one of the European market leaders in automation of waste disposal trucks and broad vehicle automation technology.

In cooperation with you we work out the solution for your automation task. Our innovation partnership offers an extraordinary service package that meet highest standards in order to achieve optimum vehicle functions with view on operational comfort, efficiency, diagnostics, and service. Your satisfaction is our supreme benchmark.

Our wide spectrum of products and services reaches far beyond the limited horizon of a mere component supplier. Right from the start, it has been our goal to make new technologies useful for the branch of special vehicles. Thus, many innovations of well-known vehicle manufacturers are close-knit to Mobil Systems.

More than just components: systematical from the start

  • System development in cooperation with the customer, including definition of interfaces to further vehicle sub-systems.
  • Creation of a requirement specification with a focus on sectoral or customer-specific standards and safety guidelines.
  • Integration of vehicle-specific functions in existing, well-proven software modules and hardware components.
  • Supply of approved components for mobile applications, modularly upgradeable for maximum flexibility.
  • Creation of documentation according to appropriate standards.
  • Support or accomplishment of the system approval through accredited assay offices

Functional safety is one of the main subjects of our daily work: realization of safety-relevant aspects according to present guidelines can be found in all areas, from hardware and software development up to the vehicle level safety concept including documentation.